Michiru Aoyama - 音は光る

Michiru Aoyama - 音は光る


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Artist: Michiru Aoyama
Album: 音は光るThe Sound is Shining
Format: CD-R, Digital Download 
Cat. #: OI008
Release date CD-R: June 1st 2013

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Watch video for "日本の空気 / Air of Japan" on YOUTUBE

"Zen 禅 is a Japanese Spirit. I go to a temple in the early morning of the weekend to practice meditation in Zen Buddhism for about 3 hours. 

The heart becomes quiet, gradually like a water surface which is not choppy, but still. All environmental sound and non-sound begin to have a meaning to me and the sound begins to shine."

- Michiru Aoyama

Written and produced by Michiru Aoyama
Photography and design by Andre Gansebohm

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