Shinobu Nemoto - 銀嵐 Silver Storm

Shinobu Nemoto - 銀嵐 Silver Storm


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Artist: Shinobu Nemoto
Album: 銀嵐 Silver Storm
Format: CD-R
Cat. #: OI007

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アンドレ、オーガニック インダストリー、どうもありがとう。
- Shinobu Nemoto

"This music was made by the self-oscillation of the analog filter and the interaction of some automated devices. I can install this device anywhere and can control the parameter of the device by a heat perception sensor arbitrarily. I will make the device downsized sometime soon. It is a self-oscillation of the analog filter that I was interested in particular. When something reaches the critical point, it emits a sound. About an analog filter, When Resonance forces Cutoff to self-reference, the filter emits a sound. However, a question is left about the self-oscillation of the filter. That question is "What kind of opportunity does the self-oscillation occur in?" It may be performed with the device different from the filter by the method such as the sound installation.
Also, I usually downplay objectivity about music production, but am interested in feedback of the self-reference. It has action to destroy self. I want to incorporate a method formalism-like than the process of the expressionism-like self‐destruction in my experimental music. Where will we go to after this self‐destruction? No, this question in itself will be meaningless. Experimental simulation for certain consciousness / unconsciousness. Meditation to destroy meditation. The infinite feedback will continue always updating us while making a slight difference.”

Thanks to Andre / Organic-Industries.
- Shinobu Nemoto


Written and produced by Shinobu Nemoto:
Photography inside by Jürgen Heckel:
Cover Photography and design by Andre Gansebohm: info@