Brian Grainger - Ultraboreal 2xCD-R

Brian Grainger - Ultraboreal 2xCD-R


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Brian Grainger is a prolific musician from the southeastern coast of the United States, having released over 350 works since 2004, spanning many genres, formats and countries. For Organic Industries he has composed a massive double album of atmospheric drone music, paired with a concept-driven work of abstract text, two poems and beautiful photography and package design by OI's own Andre Gansebohm.

Bearing the title Ultraboreal, which is divided into two equally long twin counterparts: "Exmouth" and "Goliath" (themselves names for cultivars of magnolia trees), Brian's work for OI represents surreal dualities based on his observations of nature removed from man, and man removed from nature. Simultaneously representing long, deep breaths of stately chords with stark almost post-apocalyptic visuals, Ultraboreal is two walls of tonal architecture that are each intended to be experienced at lower volume levels, preferably in a darkened room.

Longform, warm and organic enough to live up to the label's namesake, this is the kind of music Brian has spent years cultivating and expanding, and once again a new year yields a new crop.

Includes a poem by Brian Grainger & 2 photographs by Andre Gansebohm