Wouter Veldhuis - The Endless Now

Wouter Veldhuis - The Endless Now


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"The Endless Now" is Wouter Veldhuis' second full release, the follow up to his 2008 release "Satumaa " (which is available as a recommended free download from Bandcamp, by the way!).

These two albums match each other very well, both presenting 'classic' dreamlike electronic-ambient music. A lot of contemporary 'ambient' music is crossing over to acoustical improv, using piano and guitar, or neo-classical string ensemble. But not these albums, since Wouter Veldhuis chooses to create his layered sound-fields using electronic means mainly. As an interesting result, these soundscapes have a nice 'retro sci-fi' feeling.

A somewhat 'old-school', classic ambient sound, maybe, but that is meant in the positive sense: it does not mean this music sounds like 70's krautrock or Tangerine Dream. No sequencer patterns here at all, the compositions are deep soundscapes - unearthly and alienated.

Great "Music for Art Installations", in fact!

from: http://www.vancooten.com/blog/?e=432